The Spire

Mr. Sandman...
Bring me a dream.

The dream came again – or, rather, it continued.

Time Lapse
Back From the Hunt

After coming back from the victorious Troll hunt the party has earned their newly attained reputation. It has been two weeks since the troll hunt and the party is well rested and ready for a new hunt to be issued. Tomorrow morning they meet with Coates to learn of new jobs which will lead to wealth and glory.

Cashing In, Adventuring On
Trolls? Yeah, we can handle trolls.

After arriving in Darsine and going to cash in our hunting prizes, it didn’t take long to realize that Orlandu had given us for too much credit in our role of battling the acid spitting wurm. We accepted the exaggerations, as we were able to collect money as well as improve our reputations. Coates was pleased with our work, and asked us to deliver a message to Crastrell, which we accomplished after some time. In thanks of delivering the message, Crastrell gave us a surprising amount of gold.

It was now time to hunt again, and Coates gave us an assignment to defeat a feral troll. The troll was causing trouble, because though it had been killed multiple times, it refused to stay dead. Lovad and I have some knowledge of trolls, being as we come from mountainous regions, and we able to share with the group that injuries from acid and fire would prevent the regenerative abilities of the troll. With a plan of attack based around this, we set out to claim our victory over the nasty beast.

With Voru’s acid splashing abilities we were able to accomplish lasting injuries, Clayton served as our tank, and Ishona performed life saving healing spells. With all of that going on, Anthony and Lovad were able to deliver enough damage to the wretched thing to defeat it once and for all.


Summoner’s Log
-We got to a town, old man was there, dont trust him but felt extra safe in the town itself. There was a screaming woman, child was missing from the ‘play area’ (note: play area sounds fishy), wanted us to look for him. We left town, went to play area, extra safe feeling extends to here as well. Walked past play area, no longer feeling safe, a being made of just sand attacked, my powers seemed near useless againts it, was no match for our group though. Sand Creature near play area, still sounding fishy. Saw a dark tower, known as The Spire, want to go there, but scares the shit out of us. found crazy woman, she knew lots, dont trust her either. She knew who we were, I dont even know who we are. She had boy, said they had been wating, for us. Left her, brought boy with us, back to town, no problems on way back. Stayed in town, big feast, decorated heroes we would be. Left town in the morning, went to guard caravan. Saw flickering lights in the distance, not near spire. Had a few problems, nothing we could not handle once again. (note: Kobolds are useless creatures). About to return to Darsine, at last.

Starless Night

Anthony’s Journal
… After i finally caught up to the spider in a canyon, i waited for my fellow hunters, and my new found brother, he’s definitely an odd one. After the others showed up, we went in after it. during the fight we got attacked from another one, no real problem. When the fight ended i did a quick search of what was probably there den, found some useful treasures, the caravan members there didn’t need them any more. I met back up with the others, overhead there was a Roc, we decided to wait in the canyon for it to pass. Night was coming, very strangely a starless one, cloud covered the whole sky, very peculiar indeed. We decided to be on our way, off in the distance there looked to be some travelers, i went to go check them out. Boco, My faithful mount, was getting really spooked as we were nearing to them. when we finally got closer i don’t blame him, there was a unnatural chill that went rolling through my entire body. they started advancing toward me, weapons drawn, undead creatures, never seen any thing of the sort before this night, and it wouldn’t be the last. i high tailed it back to the group, i didnt want to go directly toward them in case the undead monstrosities were following me, so i took a roundabout route. i was heading straight toward them when the signal light went off in case i couldn’t find them, i didn’t need the help tho. After i met back up with the group, we need a name i think, we headed toward the hunter’s outpost. There were two veteran hunters there as well, drinking and having a good time, i don’t like to par take in drinking but being there with them was still a delight. In the middle of the night we were woken abruptly with a loud sound coming from outside, we went out to check it out. It was a massive worm, the two veterans fought it, me and my group left pretty fast tho. A little while after leaving we encountered more undead monsters, we fought them off easily enough. We were heading toward a military outpost, one more time before we got there however we had to fight more of the undead, no casualties, i got hurt a little but the oracle healed me pretty good. A group of soldiers came out to help us to the outpost, probably a good thing too. With their help we made it there in no time at all. The undead were here as well, there was no chance they could breach the wall however. We met with the commander of the outpost, who gave us a mission to go to a town not too far away and check up on it. He also suggested that we talk to the caravan leader. We did, he seemed pretty pompous to me, don’t much care for him. Eventually we headed out to the town. A sandstorm was approaching us fast, we had to hurry to the town. We made it, no big problems of any sort. The town seemed odd, especially the old man we were talking to

Adventure Begins
Glory waits for no one.

This is the first time as a group they had gotten a real contract. Sure they have had success clearing four legged obstacles from trade paths, but this was different. A trakkan spider had turned a steady caravan route into its hunting ground. This was a true hunt, class D, Coates had used his contacts to get them the job, and damned if they weren’t going to take the chance.

They had caught the beast hunting on the route and they chased it to here, the sun setting, miles from camp. With any luck they would dispatch the injured beast and return before darkness fell on the The Great Desert.

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