The Spire

Adventure Begins

Glory waits for no one.

This is the first time as a group they had gotten a real contract. Sure they have had success clearing four legged obstacles from trade paths, but this was different. A trakkan spider had turned a steady caravan route into its hunting ground. This was a true hunt, class D, Coates had used his contacts to get them the job, and damned if they weren’t going to take the chance.

They had caught the beast hunting on the route and they chased it to here, the sun setting, miles from camp. With any luck they would dispatch the injured beast and return before darkness fell on the The Great Desert.


Before heading out, Voru (for one) would likely spend at least a bit of time researching Trakkan Spiders – obvious vulnerabilities and resistances/immunities, as well as tricks they may have (eg. poisons, specifically notable speed, etc.).

I wouldn’t expect “look in the Bestiary” level results, though. … I really need to check what Knowledges Voru might have…

Adventure Begins
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