The Spire

Mr. Sandman...

Bring me a dream.

The dream came again – or, rather, it continued.

We found ourselves exiting the garrison’s tower into the courtyard, whereupon we were immediately faced by a squad of guardsmen who sought to bar our path. We had none of it and were quickly on our way out of the base.

We made our way towards the Sages’ Guild, though we were stopped briefly by a handful of looters which we quickly dispatched. The Guild was surrounded by a Forcewall, and none replied to my calls for entry; we decided that the Hunter’s Lodge was the next logical destination.

Again, a looting party appeared, and, again, they were quickly dispatched. We noticed, however, that one among them was wearing an odd black, silken bracelet (which was not entirely unlike a garrote line, at least to our dreaming selves).

Once we reached the Lodge, we found that, yet again, our way was blocked. This time, though, it was done by a mob of townsfolk who seemed to be gathered ’round a Summoner (on whom more will come shortly). Throughout the mob were sprinkled a dozen or so who were wearing that same odd bracelet.

The Summoner demanded of us something he called the Spire Rock, a stone about the size of a mug of ale. The stone reminded me of an unnaturally safe spot in the desert (of which I will write no more). It was clearly not something to be given up lightly, however.

True to form, no sooner had we refused the Summoner’s demand to relinquish the stone than he summoned a great beast which nearly drove us mad. Fortunately, however, it was unable to do so; again, we defeated the challenge (and were rewarded by a befuddled summoner for our troubles).

Moments later, a number of Hunters burst forth from the gates shouting “For ”/campaigns/the-spire-campaign/characters/coates" class=“wiki-content-link”>Coates!" (at least, I must assume that was their intent) and drove the mob off, whereupon we awoke.

In the morning, we met to confirm that we had, again, had the same dream. Coates came into our room with a contract: a large creature assaulting the hunting grounds of a Lord about a weeks’ journey to the south. There was also talk of clearing out a gold mine on the way, if we felted compelled to do so.


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