The Spire


Summoner’s Log
-We got to a town, old man was there, dont trust him but felt extra safe in the town itself. There was a screaming woman, child was missing from the ‘play area’ (note: play area sounds fishy), wanted us to look for him. We left town, went to play area, extra safe feeling extends to here as well. Walked past play area, no longer feeling safe, a being made of just sand attacked, my powers seemed near useless againts it, was no match for our group though. Sand Creature near play area, still sounding fishy. Saw a dark tower, known as The Spire, want to go there, but scares the shit out of us. found crazy woman, she knew lots, dont trust her either. She knew who we were, I dont even know who we are. She had boy, said they had been wating, for us. Left her, brought boy with us, back to town, no problems on way back. Stayed in town, big feast, decorated heroes we would be. Left town in the morning, went to guard caravan. Saw flickering lights in the distance, not near spire. Had a few problems, nothing we could not handle once again. (note: Kobolds are useless creatures). About to return to Darsine, at last.


gingersupremacy ScottAllenBergren

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