Anthony stands at 6’2" and weighs around 190 pounds. Has dark brown hair which is never in a particular style, growing up he wasn’t one for taking the time to do anything with hair. He has green eyes, which his mother always said was from his father. His normal dress is a suit of armor with clothes from his tribe over them, dark brown shirt and pants. Anthony’s main weapon is a lance while he his mounted on his faithful Chocobo he has had since his childhood.


Anthony was born in the tribe Hatari. He grew up with only his mother in his life, never knew his father. He was an ambassador that went to different tribes to help “bridge the gap” between two different groups of people. His mother died at an early age, leaving him pretty much alone, besides his Chocobo. Most people of the tribe treated them as pets, Anthony how ever treated his a friend. His mother did leave him a bastard sword, fitting, that was supposedly from his father. He eventually joined the hunting party of the tribe. They traveled and fought on Chocobos. One day with a small group of the hunters they encountered a creature they have not come up against before. It was in a huge pit, they didn’t even know what it was really. Anthony was the only one to escape. he was ashamed to go back to his tribe, having no one there to go to anways his next choice was simple, start a new life in a new place. He headed toward Dorshine. There he found a hunting guild and recently started his new life.


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