Half-Drow Summoner


Clayton, a half-drow of 23 has grayish skin, with pale near white hair, which he wears long, down over his shoulders. Roughly 6’ 140lbs. He is usually dressed in a set of dark purple robes, with a set of leather armour over them. Along with his standard gear he carries with him a spear, engraved in elven along its haft is a poem his mother would tell him in his youth. Hanging from his neck is a pendent, that of his mothers, a reminder of his heritage.

When his eidolon is manifested around hill, Clayton appears to be in the shape of an ettercap, which he believes is a sign of his mothers Drow heritage showing, in the shape of a spider like creature. He would not have known this had he not researched the drow after his encounter with the dragon those years ago, looking for an answer to his newfound power.


Clayton was born an abomination, as his former family would say. The drow of his heritage exiled his mother, shortly after his birth, they would never accept a half-breed as one of their own. So from birth, his mother and he had to live on their own, out in the caverns of their people. Having been shunned, his mother refused her past, never teaching Clayton the ways of her people. Since he was half human, she knew he would never have a place. At the age of 20, while fighting of a young black dragon in the caverns, his mother was killed. Almost immedietly after her death, something happened to Clayton, suddenly something from beyond reached out to him, and he was covered in an odd feeling, he was no longer himself, as if in another body. He felt stronger and tougher, his hands were claws, and he found the strength to kill the dragon. After this battle he decided to go to the surface, attempt to find his father, and start a life with this new power, and finally find a place. He was eventually lead to Darsine, on rumors of not only his father, but of a brother as well. He found work at a hunting guild, having become rather good at killing things out of self defense, he figured he would give it a shot as a profession. And, as luck would have it, he was placed in a group with his brother.


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