Old hand at the hunter's guild


Coates is an old surly hunter with the scars to prove it. While he seems bent over and smallish now, in his prime he would have been a strong and powerful man – a presence he maintains. He has little hair and what’s left of it is well past grey onto white. His skin is leathery and darkened from years of traveling The Great Desert on hunts. He walks with a cane and a noticeable limp, which he undoubtedly earned on some glorious hunt in times well past.


Coates is the party’s liaison in the Hunter’s Guild. He recruited many of them or, in certain cases, was sought out by them. He is ranked highly amongst the guild and his hunting partys oft times become legends in their own right. He hasn’t recruited in ages and many wonder about his sudden interest in guild activities again. Some of the newer ranking guildies think he is past his prime; it’s up to his current batch of misfits to prove them wrong.


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