Player Primer

Welcome to the city of Dorsine. The Spire will be a high fantasy campaign taking place in the Pathfinder world setting, specifically in a home brewed portion of the world called the Dorsine Empire.

Character Creation

The characters represent a group of heroes set in the Dorsine Empire. The Empire is a dangerous place and the heroes in question are exceptional, dice will be rolled and stats will be good. The party will decide who they are and there place in the setting, group template will be decided during the first character creation sit down. All core classes and races will be available, limited monster races will be possible with a great reasons and a small bribe.

World Creation

While portions of the Dorsine Empire are set by me the GM, I plan on doing group world building. Especially in regards to the characters zones of influence. I want the players to invest in this world as well as have an exact home for their characters.

Game Play

We will be starting at lvl 1 but we will be working the game in chapter form jumping several levels at a time. The first two levels will give max hit points afterwards rolling will go on as traditional. Otherwise game play will be fairly traditional.

Player Primer

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