Sages' Guild Membership

Membership in the Sages’ Guild comes with certain benefits and conditions. To remain a membership in good standing, an individual must (of course) be able to cast an arcane spell without the aid of magic items (eg. a rogue with a wand wouldn’t qualify, but a wizard with a spell component pouch is fine). Further, they must pay dues to the Guild, come to the Guild’s aid when summoned1, and not do anything that would reflect too poorly upon the Guild as a whole2.

In return, members in good standing have theoretically unlimited access to the Guild’s library, laboratories, and workshops. The Guild is also (theoretically) an excellent source for finding wizards with whom to share a spellbook or from whom to seek aid in researching new spells. In practice, wizards tend to be quite competent at the art of being away on urgent business when they don’t want to share/help. Further, while access to the Guild’s labs and workshops is open to all members, they are a limited resource, and are prone to being occupied at inopportune times.3

1 There are ways around the summons, rather like Jury Duty. Being a guild of arcanists, the exact details are rather arcane and beyond the scope of this article.

2 This does not, necessarily, prevent “Evil” individuals from retaining standing in the Guild; rather, this requirement tends to push out the insane and bloody stupid.

3 All of this together, in game terms, is meant to allow members of the Guild to have “normal” access to resources; they may not need to buy the laboratory, but they’ll certainly need to schedule one, and will need to provide any materials or special equipment their lab work requires. This section is not meant to make it overly easy to research or build, but to make it possible more-or-less at the GM’s discretion and at the prices listed in the books. The intent is that it all winds up working out to the way that the core books work.

Sages' Guild Membership

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