The Spire

Cashing In, Adventuring On

Trolls? Yeah, we can handle trolls.

After arriving in Darsine and going to cash in our hunting prizes, it didn’t take long to realize that Orlandu had given us for too much credit in our role of battling the acid spitting wurm. We accepted the exaggerations, as we were able to collect money as well as improve our reputations. Coates was pleased with our work, and asked us to deliver a message to Crastrell, which we accomplished after some time. In thanks of delivering the message, Crastrell gave us a surprising amount of gold.

It was now time to hunt again, and Coates gave us an assignment to defeat a feral troll. The troll was causing trouble, because though it had been killed multiple times, it refused to stay dead. Lovad and I have some knowledge of trolls, being as we come from mountainous regions, and we able to share with the group that injuries from acid and fire would prevent the regenerative abilities of the troll. With a plan of attack based around this, we set out to claim our victory over the nasty beast.

With Voru’s acid splashing abilities we were able to accomplish lasting injuries, Clayton served as our tank, and Ishona performed life saving healing spells. With all of that going on, Anthony and Lovad were able to deliver enough damage to the wretched thing to defeat it once and for all.


It also may be worth mentioning that Colonel wossname asked us to keep the existence of the undead 18th to ourselves and indicated that he had some concerns about the military’s ability to keep them under control.

… and he gave us lots of curfew passes …

Cashing In, Adventuring On
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