Lovad pen'Xavrok

A Young Grenze Warrior-Prince with Nothing to Lose and Much To Prove



  • Rich/Noble Family: Lovad is the fifth son of the major Grenze Clan Xavrok.
  • Highlander: Raised among the harsh peaks and valleys of the Hoch.


  • Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Firearms)
  • Gunsmith


  • Fifth son of the Clan Chief of the Xavrok. Will inherit nothing.
  • Weaker than his brothers, he latched onto the exotic firearms that were just starting to trickle in from the far lands to the east. One of the few in the Dorsine region knowledgeable in the secrets of firearms technology. He wishes to prove the worth of firearms so that his father may see their strength and use them to free the Hoch from the Empire. Failing that, he wants to carve out his own hold to rule.
  • Raised in the Hochlander traditions of raiding and hunting, Lovad grew up stalking the wastes. He has seen most of what the mountains have to offer and is now happily showing that he and his gun can best any creature in the world.
  • The Hoch have long associated with the desert tribes and share some customs. This is manifested in the particularly patterned scarves/headdresses the Hoch wear.

Physical Description

  • Height 5’6’’
  • Weight 152 lbs.
  • Short and wiry, Lovad wears the finely embroidered coat and thick mustache of a Hoch noble. His dark hair is covered by the wrappings of the grey patterned headscarf, the traditional headgear of the Hoch. A wickedly curved sword thrust through his sash further mark him has a mountain tribesman. His richly embellished musket is close at hand at all times.

Lovad pen'Xavrok

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