Fresh out of the Academy, Voru now seems to have nowhere to go.


Bare-Bones Stats

AC: 16 (12 Touch, 14 FF) (20/12/18 with Shield)
Fort: +4, Ref: +2, Will: +3

Spell Points: 3 (assuming the Psychic Warrior PP progression with Int remaining the key ability mod)

Primary Attack: Quarterstaff +3 melee (1d6/1d6 + 5 /x2)


  • Armor Training
  • Wealthy Parents


  • Quarterstaff Mastery
  • Weapon Spec. Quarterstaff
  • Extra Arcana Pool

Important Possessions

Standard Spells

Level 0

  • Acid Splash
  • Detect Magic
  • Prestidigitation

Level 1

  • Corrosive Touch
  • Shield
  • Ray of Enfeeblement
  • Child of head of Mages’ Guild.
    • Hence “Wealthy Parents” trait.
  • Spent much of youth playing with weapons and armor only marginally interested in magic.
  • Forced into Academy.
  • Finally found interest when the ability to combine magical and martial prowess was discovered.
  • Joined Hunter’s Lodge to hone martial skills while seeking out arcane abilities to help out with combat.
  • Maintains membership with Mages’ Guild, teaches an intensive, weekend practicum (on the theory of blending the Arcane and Martial arts; leaves the finer points of both to those with more experience with them) once or twice a year.
    • Many see it as an opportunity to get in Dad’s good graces, which is less true than most hope for when they sign up.


  • 6’8" (ie. rolling max on the Elven height table)
  • 148 Lbs (ditto)
  • Thin, willowy, almost wirey
  • Hair white as the driven snow, generally worn a lot like I wear mine
  • Eyes have a slightly silvery sheen, sure evidence of Fae heritage
  • Occasionally confused for Aasimar, or even one of a couple of types of Angels, at first glance
  • No visible tattoos
  • Dresses in utilitarian over fancy clothes – think “jeans and t-shirt” over “suit and tie”
    • In deference to Dad, wears a wizard-ish cloak, though with a hood to allow hiding from obnoxious acquaintances, over a chain shirt and sturdy pants
    • Prefers light cream colors, usually with a little bit of embroidery, with a dark (dark blue, dark grey, black) tunic peeking out from under the chain shirt.

Goals, etc.

  • Become a full professor at the Academy, possibly replacing Dad when it’s his time to go (ie. no plans for getting rid of the old man, just hoping to be ready)
    • Possibly in a defensive class (a la DADA), possibly as a crafter, especially of staves
  • Befriend a Dragon (the older the better)
    • Sees being in the Hunting Guild as a way to protect innocents more than an excuse to go bag big game; would be right at home on a photo-safari


  • Father, head of the Sage’s Guild and, therefore, headmaster at the Academy.
    • Devoted father, though quite busy; he’d love to spend more time with the family, but the school is a harsh mistress. Living on-campus is an advantage, though.
    • Human male, 52 years old, Wizard X (10? 15? 20? higher?)
  • Mother, the finest household-runner and general assistant in the Empire (just ask Dad)
    • Now that the kids are gone, she probably spends a bit too much time around the house, overseeing the staff.
    • Dearly loves Dad, but sometimes wishes his official duties would allow for more three day weekends.
    • Half-elf female, 60 years old, “Adept” 1 (as Adept, but with Arcane magic), Expert X
      • She’s slightly embarrassed by her lack of magical ability, but would never let you know that. Dad actually prefers it, as she has interests outside of his professional life.
  • Brother 1
    • Followed in Dad’s footsteps to the hilt; will probably “inherit” Guild leadership, with no more nay-sayers than would be expected from any appointment.
    • Many consider him to be aloof, but the reality is that he’s just a bit shy; he can talk to a large assembly with no problem, but gets tongue-tied in conversation with those he doesn’t know well (especially if they’re attractive and of the opposite gender).
    • Currently investigating the Encroaching Desert, about half way through his planned year expedition. While no word has come in some time, it’s not entirely surprising; nobody but Mom is worried.
    • Human male, 32 years old, Wizard X (probably about 5)
  • Sister
    • Showed even less aptitude for magic than Voru, she’s become a secretary of sorts at the Academy. She has an ability to know where people and items are, within the Academy’s walls, that has been described as “spooky” on more than one occasion, with some going so far as to suggest that she’s the school’s Genius Loci. This may be accurate.
    • Humble about her abilities, but willing to use them to put a rowdy student (or faculty member) in their place if need be. There are stories (which are almost certainly false) of the building slamming doors or even throwing books off of shelves to either protect her or help prove her point.
    • Half-elf (?) female, 28 years old, ???
    • Brother 2
    • The true black-sheep of the family, he showed great Arcane talent, but turned to thievery. He’s as likely to be in the city’s lockup as not. He hasn’t done anything truly unforgivable yet (and Dad’s influence is sufficient to keep the constabulary from, say, helping him fall off a curb), but most think it’s just a matter of time.
    • Charming, probably to a fault.
    • Human male, 27 years old, on the way to becoming an Arcane Trickster, if he lives that long


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