The Grenze

Coming from an old Dorsine word for frontier or hinterland, the Grenze is a wild spur of Kiln Key mountains in the southwest portion the Empire. The mountainous region is home to wild animals, monstrous creatures and various clans of mountain people. Though subdued for the moment, the Grenzemen (or Hoch, as they prefer to call themselves) are ever watchful, waiting for a moment when the Empire is distracted to reclaim their independence.

Contstituting a large region on the Empire’s relatively unguarded flank, the Grenze was conquered over 80 years ago to act as a buffer zone between the civilization of Dorsine and the vast unknown wilds beyond the Hoch mountains. It possess several difficult passes to the West. Though not as major of a trade route as the caravan roads through the Nadir Territories it is a popular route among those who do not wish to pay the extravagant fees and taxes of the Nadir. It is also popular among the those who wish to slip into the Empire without too much notice.

The area is populated by the people of the Hoch (or Grenzemen) who are primarily divided into various clans. The clans are inter-related through a complex system of marriage, fealty and oaths. The greatest of the clans are the Xavrok, Grunerok, Haxalle, and the Vec. Further beyond the Grenze lie the land of the strange and mystical Minotaur of the Hurloon Steppe. Finally beyond that lies an increasingly little known and colder realms to the south. On more than one occasion hordes of orc have come streaming across the steppe to wash against the passes of the Hoch only to be turned back by the determined men and minotaur that inhabit these lands. Whether the orcs were invading or fleeing something has yet to be seen.

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The Grenze

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